Cloud storage
50 GB of storage, accessible through Nextcloud. You can mount it as a drive on your computer.

Sync events from various devices and edit them online. Accessible through CalDAV

Libre Office Online
Edit documents and spreadsheets directly in your browser. Who doen’t love spreadsheets?

Easy to use email client which connects to your existing email service via IMAP and SMTP.

Accessible through CardDAV. Easily sync contacts from various devices and edit them online.

Password manager
Use the built in password manager to keep your long and complex passwords at hand

Privacy disclaimer

You have the option to remain anonymous throughout the system. We don’t collect any data on individual users. We only collect aggregated data that we need to maintain, develop and optimize the services. We do not use Google to track website traffic. To be sure that we do not take part in tracking our users we use our own instance of Matomo and we never sell or share data.

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