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OperationTulip wants to provide inexpensive and reliable cloud storage and will provide every user with a dashboard and a number of apps that we believe can be useful. The basic account will give you 50 GB of cloud storage and the following apps:

Premium storage

50 GB of storage + services
$ 4 Monthly
  • File storage
  • Online apps
  • Sync client
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Privacy policy

TL;DR - the short version
  • You have the option to remain anonymous
  • We dont collect data on individual users
  • We only keep aggregated data for development of our services
  • We do not send tracking data to any third party
  • We do not sell data to any third party

Operationtulip is a privacy focused cloud storage provider in Sweden. We base our mission on our belief that freedom is worth fighting for. The right to privacy online, free speech and free research is especially worth protecting as totalitarian states and attempts to legislate against encryption and a free Internet is threatening that fundamental democratic foundation.

We strive to provide an inexpensive service with a focus on the individual right to anonymity and privacy online. You can register for an account without giving us your email address and we encourage our users to use end-to-end encryption so that the data is worthless for anyone but the user in case of a breach. We do not mine your data, nor do we track our users with cookies.