How to synchronize your calendar and adressbook with your phone and/or computer

Synchronize your calendar and adressbook with your phone and computer

Important update!

If you are using IOS 13 there is a possibility for having issues to get the synchronization to work because of Apple changing how IOS works with calDav. Be sure to follow the instructions below and if you have issues getting it to work, try doing any of the following.

  • Delete all accounts on operationtulip from your phone and restart the phone.
  • Make sure that the setting for port in the SSL settings is set to 443 (the verification process should make this setting automatically but sometimes it seems not to work for some users).

For some a calendar is something you mark special occasions in, like the birthday of a friend or that meeting at the dentists. To me, the calendar is the go to place for knowing what’s happening today, tomorrow, the day after and you get the drift.

If or when you’re that dependent on your calendar keeping it in sync is essential to keep your life working. In this post, I’ll show you how to synchronize your calendar with your iPhone, Android phone, and/or computer.

The short story – a gif

This is how to find the sync settings in the calendar module of

Synchronizing with your phone

How you synchronize your calendar and address book with your phone depend on the os of the phone. In this tutorial, I’ll show how it’s done on iPhone and Android. When synchronising with the synchronisation is two-way.

Two-way synchronisation means that where ever you create an event or a contact, it will show up in all other devices and in your online account from within the browser. So you can create an event in your browser and then make changes to the event on your phone. The changes made on your phone will be visible in your browser when you have refreshed the page.


Synchronise your online calendar with your iPhone by going into settings and finding where you add new accounts for email, contacts, and calendars. To synchronise your calendar, use the following settings for a CalDAV account.

  • Server:
  • Username: YOUR_USERNAME
  • Password: YOUR_PASSWORD
  • Select next and wait for the phone to verify your credentials.

If you want to synchronise contacts as well the same settings as above apply except for the account type – for contacts the account type must be CardDAV.


Synchronising with Android is done by first installing DAVx5 on the Android device you want to synchronise your calendar and contacts with. Press the + sign to create a new account and select Connection with URL and username. You have to add the following settings.

  • Base URL:
  • Contact Group Methods: As credentials
  • Chose option: Groups are per-contact categories
  • Select Connect and select the data you want to sync.

Synchronising with computer

As of today (the end of 2019) there is possible to synchronise with macOS (OSX), with the thunderbird app (available for Linux, OSX and Windows), with the Kontakt suite in KDE and with Windows 10.

There are good tutorials on the NextCloud website, so I will put a link to each method in the list below.


There are a number of ways to get two-way synchronisation working between your account and your phone, operating system and the Thunderbird client. If you have any trouble getting things to work, please contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Did you get synchronisation working with another client or in another way that might be useful to someone else? Please post your work around or hack in the comments below or send us a message and we’ll write a tutorial about it.

//the team.

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