The first month

The idea behind our business model is simple and comes from our vision to provide a fair service at a good price. The cost for the first month will come after you have used the service for 30 days. That means that it will cost you nothing to sign up for the account and you will have 30 days to try it out before deciding if you want to continue using our service or not. You can see how your quota turns negative in your dashboard.

After the first month

When your quota get to negative 30 days you need to decide if you want to continue having your files at operationtulip. If you want to continue using our service you need to pay for the 30 days you have been trying us out. If you pay for a month your quota will go back to zero before it continues to become negative again. You can also pay in advance for coming months, thus getting a positiva quota.

Your account will be suspended if you decide not to continue using our services or if you for some other reason fail to pay when your quota is negative 30 days or more.

But you have the possibility to start up your account again by paying so you get to a zero quota.

Recurring months

As long as you want to continue using our services you just have to make sure that your quota never goes beyond negative 30 days. 

We will make it possible to activate recurring payment so that you don’t have to pay manually every month. And that feature can be turned off at any time.

You can also choose to pay in advance and accumulate a positive quota for the time you pay for.

Ending the service

Ending the service is easy. You just stop paying for your storage and when the quota reach negative 30 days the account will be suspended. After additional 30 days your account will be terminated and everything in your storage will be deleted.


If you decide to pay in advance but change your mind we will give back money for the coming months paid for when you contact us to get your money back. We do not refund single days in a 30-day period, only the positive quota left at the end of your ongoing 30 day period.


At the start there will only be one tier available. It will give you 50 GB of online storage and access to the apps presented on our home page. Right now the price for this service will be 4 USD/Euros a month.

Additional tiers will be made available over time for those who want more storage, different applications etc. New tiers and services will be presented on the blog and via the newsletter.

Payment options

During the start up period it will be possible to pay using or bitcoins  – there will come more ways of paying over time.