new anti spam service

New anti spam service

Some weeks ago, one of our users asked why we used reCaptcha (run by Google) on our site. The quick answer is that we have tried some alternatives with no luck. The spam poured in.

We have been giving this issue more attention lately and I am investigating open source alternatives – sadly there seem to be few if any that integrate with Word press as a plug-in.

Until we can implement a better alternative, we have switched to Akismet (run by Automattic). It is still not open source, but it is run by someone else than Google.

If anyone have any suggestions on alternatives to reCaptcha and Akismet then let us know! The best way is to send us a message from our contact page HERE.

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Technical info

We use free software in our environment – KVM + CEPH – on our own hardware in our own facility. That means that we have complete control over the hosting. We believe that we can offer something unique and become a compliment to your current services by giving you control over your data.


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