Market survey

  • The team behind wants to know more about your opinion on the service we provide. We hope you want to take part in a short survey to let us know what you think about our services and what you are missing.
    Please let us know more about your thoughts on the modules in our NextCloud instance. Feel free to give some additional info in the textbox below.
    Please let us know more about your reason for the answer selected in the textbox below.
  • Let us know more about your selected answer above.
    Please let us know what kinds of additional services or functions you would be interested in.
  • Please let us know what price you are willing to pay for a monthly account with 50GB storage and normal support by giving the price (in Euro) you are willing to pay for a stabile service over time.
  • Thank you very much for your input, your opinion is valuable to us. Kind regards Joakim, Jofen, Jonathan and Mikael

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Technical info

We use free software in our environment – KVM + CEPH – on our own hardware in our own facility. That means that we have complete control over the hosting. We believe that we can offer something unique and become a compliment to your current services by giving you control over your data.


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