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Get started with provides a platform based on NextCloud. Getting started is easy and you don’t even have to give us your email address when signing up for an account. In this article I will show you how to sign up for an account and how to get started.

Get an account

First time you need to register and right now it’s free to sign up for an account at We have no interest in gathering email addresses, as we never will sell any data on our users to anyone. But if you sign up for an account without using an email address, there are no way to reset your password if you lose it.

It is optional to use your email address when signing up for an account at

If you want to be anonymous, you can sign up for an account using a username of your choice (instead of an email address) and a password that you also choose for yourself.

Last you click the ‘Create account’ button and wait for the new account to load in the browser window.

An introduction to NextCloud will show up the first time you log. After the short introduction, you’ll see your account page. This is like a dashboard from which you can access all features in


You can create documents within and you can also share them with anyone else by using a sharing link. You can also collaborate on the document by giving the person you share the document with the right to edit the document.

There is an entire article on how to share and collaborate on documents on, you can read it here.


When you choose your images view, you get a view that makes it easy to see your images and photographs that you store on


You can handle your email from within To read more on how to set up your email, please read this post.


You can handle your contacts from within And if you use a client that handles the cardDav protocol you can also synchronize your contacts between say a desktop client and your account at


If your desktop client can implement the calDav protocol, you can synchronize your calendar between our desktop client and the online calendar within

Password vault can also host your passwords if you use passman. That means that you can synchronize the passwords between your online vault and the browser add on. Alternatively, you can use the manager without synchronization.


You can keep your notes handy by storing them on There are no way of sharing single notes, but some desktop clients can synchronize your notes with your calendar and you can always share the notes folder with another person.


Task management is another feature of and unlike notes, you can share your tasks with other users. That means that you can use to delegate tasks and to keep track of your projects.

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Technical info

We use free software in our environment – KVM + CEPH – on our own hardware in our own facility. That means that we have complete control over the hosting. We believe that we can offer something unique and become a compliment to your current services by giving you control over your data.


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