Like many other projects, OperationTulip started in a garage in frustration with the market and with an ambition to provide something new. The idea is to provide cloud storage built on free and open source software that respects users’ privacy and that is safe, secure and trustworthy.

Unlike many other cloud storage providers, we will never sell user data or use it to target advertisements to our customers. OperationTulip only use aggregated data on user engagement with our service to maintain and develop the service.

Joakim, who is the person behind the initiative to start up OperationTulip also wanted to support a friendly and nice space on the Internet. To us that means to use open and free software, to help people out when possible and to provide the best service possible with a price that make the business sustainable.

The business model

OperationTulip will start charging for the storage when the service is mature enough and when we feel confident that we can provide a premium service. Until then the account and 50GB of storage will be free to all of our beta-testers.



OperationTulip.com keep all data on servers in Sweden for the moment – this might change if we need to expand our business in the future. We believe that it is of great importance to our users to be able to know where the data is stored with reference to GDPR and the American CLOUD act. If you are intrested in reading our privacy policy for OperationTulip it is here, privacy policy.


As of September 2019, OperationTulip is part of science park Skövde, Sweden, trying to get out of beta. Our mission is to provide affordable, secure and trustworthy cloud storage for single users, organizations and companies.

Tracking and cookies

We use a self-hosted instance of matomo to track user engagement on our webpage to analyze interest for the service. To us that is important as we do not support the way Google track indviduals. For our users that means that you can use our service without being tracked by Google.

When using OperationTulip you never pay with your data or privacy, but you will support open source software.

Technical info

We use free software in our environment – KVM + CEPH – on our own hardware. That means that we have complete control over the hosting. We believe that we can offer something unique and become a compliment to your current services by giving you control over your data.


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