About us

Our story so far

Like many other projects, OperationTulip started in a garage in frustration with the market and with an ambition to provide something new. The idea is to provide cloud storage built on free and open source software that respects users’ privacy and that is secure and trustworthy.

Operationtulip is a privacy focused cloud storage provider in Sweden. We base our mission on our belief that freedom is worth fighting for. The right to privacy online, free speech and free research is especially worth protecting as totalitarian states and attempts to legislate against encryption and a free Internet is threatening that fundamental democratic foundation.

We strive to provide an inexpensive service with a focus on the individual right to anonymity and privacy online. You can register for an account without giving us your email address and we encourage our users to use end-to-end encryption so that the data is worthless for anyone but them in case of a breach. We do not mine your data, nor do we track our users with cookies.

We track the number of visitors to our website using Koko analytics so the information never leave our servers. We only track the number of visitors and how they interact with our webpage – but we do not track data that could identify the visitors. We protect against spam with a Captcha solution that does not use the reCaptcha backend. We provide onion links to our service for users that need an extra layer of security.

The business model - how it works

We want to combine an income model that makes operationtulip a sustainable venture with a pricing scheme fair to the customer. Our solution is a pay-as-you-go model that works like this.

You start your account with us for free and will have access to our services with no restrains what so ever. It is only fair that you can try out the service before paying for it. After 30 days use your account balance will be negative thus providing you with two options.

Either you keep the cloud storage and you pay for the period you have been using our services, or you stop using our services by not paying. You never have to ask for a refund when paying this way and we believe that is how it should work to be fair.

If you pay you can decide how much you want to deposit with a minium of 30 days and an upper limit of two years. If you decide not to pay the account will be suspended for 30 days, during which you can pay and resume the account, and ended after the suspension period. Termination of the account also means a definite deletion of the account data.

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